Indsæt det rette ord 2


I In Maybe Peter asks can exactly fashionable go
next of ready right so still things to us very
we worry

and Jane are discussing where to go :

“Well” Jane says, “I think I am for my next holiday”.

“When?” Peter asks.

about a month”, Jane answers. “February is a dark

and cold month in Denmark. dont like these cold and short

days”. “ agree” Peter says, “where would you like go next time?”

“I would like to to Tenerife”, Jane answers. “That is a

good idea”, Peter says,   “so let start planning our trip. We

have plenty time. We are full-time pensioners”.

“You are   that is one of the good , to have plenty of

time and do what we want”.

“Ok   but can afford to go again so soon?”, Jane .

“Yes we can, I am sure we afford a 2-week holiday on Tenerife.

Dont Jane, money is not our problem.”

“Fine, let us book the tickets for Tenerife. we will be

lucky and find a hotel at a reasonable price.”




created with the online Cloze Test Creator © 2009 Lucy Georges


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